What is Intentional Creativity?

When I first read these two words put together, a part of me that had been deeply asleep stirred the ember of an awakening.

Creativity coupled with Intention?  I was intrigued.


Intention seems to be the word of the times.  It is everywhere, popping up in every conversation from quantum physics to dieting, and now even into creativity.

I began reading everything I could find on intention, and with each reading, I became more and more intrigued at the possibility of intentional creativity.

In Latin, the word intend comes from tendere meaning to stretch toward.  To stretch toward _______(you fill in the blank)


Intention is the outward expression of Soul.


Intention is an exchange of energy, where you put your physical, mental and emotional energy at the disposal of the universe, thus you open yourself to the energy of the universe in a focused way.  With your attention in the present, you focus on a future possibility.


Accept the present.  Intend the future.


When you pair intention and creativity, it’s a quantum leap into realms of self-discovery and healing that are profound and astounding.


Intention access our deep inner wisdom, and the combination of intent, visioning and creativity create a powerful and potentially transformational vehicle for our growth. What is that you are wondering about that calls to your soul to be expressed?


Intent moves energy. It creates the space and it sparks the imagination to bring into form something that was previously formless.  An idea.  An inspiration.  A concept.


Women are the embodiment of creative energy. We ARE creative beings.  There is not a single woman on this planet who lacks creativity.  Creativity IS our natural state of being.  It is encoded in our DNA. It is nature seeking expression through us.


In the intentional creativity workshops you set an intention for an image to come forth through you, an image through which you will shine your mindful light upon to deeply listen, acknowledge her presence and potentially heal her story, which is your story.


When you become fully engaged with your image in this manner, she becomes very eloquent about what she wants next, and soon you recognize she is a Being in her own right directing her own unfolding.  All she asks is the focus of your intention on her.


Your intention is focused energy.  Focused possibility. It is exploration with a focus and a purpose.

What is Kundalini Yoga?



Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga is an ancient and effective technology to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nerves and help control the mind.  Many of its kriyas and meditations make us sensitive to what it truly means to be a human being; a human being whose body, mind and soul are in perfect balance.

Through this practice, we come to the realization that our soul is pure and our nature is indeed divine. With this emerging self-awareness, we can embark on an inward journey of self-discovery that eventually merges our individual awareness with the Universal Self within by attaining clarity, calmness and peace.

In these collaborative Intentional Creativity and Yoga workshops, I team up with amazingly empowered women to bring you a taste of Kundalini Yoga and Creativity, where we integrate self-expression with the yoga of awakening.



Come along and discover…


Workshops are offered in several cities around the country: Santa Fe, NM; Redstone, Colorado; Bend, Oregon to name a few.


In these 1-5 day retreats, we will work on a painting from start to finish, as we dive deeper into the mechanics of kundalini yoga to awaken our Muse.


I am inviting you to stretch toward the realm of possibility…. The realm of inquiry… and the realm of wonder where you can explore your relationship with YOU and how your Muse moves you and through you.


I am asking you come in contact with your precious Soul and your Muse through acts of creative intention and mindful yoga.



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Greetings!  I am still processing the retreat—so much information, feelings, lovely ladies and blessings.  It was an amazing time and it is my hope to continue to build on the creative inspiration you shared with me.  It’s a high bar!


Denver, Colorado

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