Yoga.  Meditation.  Exercise.  Prayer.  Artistic Expression.  Diet.  This list stretches farther and farther as an indication of what we humans have continually been searching for since time immemorial.  The elusive balanced, happy, fulfilling life.


We seem to snatch snippets of it, but we also seem to get mired in the search for the mystifying reality of who and what we really are and can be.  We tend to blame external factors for our woes (parents, careers, money, stress, lack of discipline, status, spouses) when in reality it is a simple truth.


Our ideal selves are already within us, just waiting to be remembered.   I invite you to remember rather than awaken.  Awaken is loaded these days with baggage that implies one is asleep and needs to wake up.  Yes. It’s appropriate, but I like the concept of remembering because I truly believe our DNA is fully encoded with all kinds of information

Regardless of outer circumstances, every single human being has something marvelously beautiful hidden inside.


Recent breakthroughs in biology point towards an amazing truth: your DNA is NOT in control of your destiny.  Rather it is the general attitude to life that tells your DNA what kind of person you want to become.  That means that every thought, feeling, word, intention and action that you make in life is imprinted in every single cell of your body.


So, negative thoughts and emotions cause your DNA to contract, wheras positive thoughs and emotions cause it to expand and relax.


In other words, YOU are the author of your own legendary story.  How you choose to live a life that is rich, and empowering, and gentle, and meditative, and healthy, and happy is up to YOU.  It’s not up to not the external factors like money, career, parents, breakups, stress, etc..  Not our grandfathers’ recipient for that nasty disease that “runs in the family”.



Inside each of us lies vast potential, beauty  and grace, and this is hidden in plain sight and limited only by the way we see ourselves and the world around us.


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There are many many sources of ancient wisdom that one can rely upon to work on this. I’m choosing to share the teachings from a lineage that is thousands of years old and that originated in the Indian continent in the mystical times of Gods and Goddesses roaming the earth.  Gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Goddesses like Shakti, Parwati, Deva


Did you know you don’t have one mind, but three?  You have a positive, negative and neutral minds.  Each with their unique characteristics that tint how our brains work.


Did you know you don’t have one body, but 10 bodies; the physical body being only one of them?


Did you know there is technology that uses sound(mantra) and mudra (hand positions) to activate and reenergize certain meridians and neural pathways?


Did you know that men have one static moon energy center on the chin and women have 11 moon centers that cycle throughout her body in 28 ½ days ?


Join me for our next gathering to discover this ancient wisdom. I would love to be your guide.


I’m ready to paint again!  My first goddess painting is hanging in front of my yoga mat and altar .  She is a guide, mother, mirror of myself who inspires me.  Thank you so much!!


Denver, Colorado

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