I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you. I’m delighted that you have found your way to my website.

With all that is happening around us at quantum speeds and intensity, it’s becoming increasingly harder to tune out in order to tune in.

My intention here is to create a haven; a peaceful yet vibrant space to inspire you to discover and experience your amazing power, gifts, inner strength and self-knowledge through ancient yogic teachings and intentional creativity.

I invite you to enter a sacred space where the turmoils of the world are left at the door; a space to truly tune out in order to tune in; a place to be nurtured so you can feel more connected to your true Self and the source of your creativity.

Over and over I hear we are at a pivotal time in history….. that we’re at a crucial crossroads of a major paradigm shift for humanity.  If this is the case, then what better opportunity than to bring this shift about from within?

I invite you to come in, explore, learn, share and play.  Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.  Whether you are new to Intentional Creativity and Kundalini Yoga’s teachings or are a seasoned artist and yogini, you’ll hopefully discover and deepen your awareness of these amazing and ancient women’s teachings.

My hope is that you’ll feel inspired to dive deeper into your beautiful and amazingly powerful inner landscape, for therein lies the transformation that is upon us.

Join me in this exploration of what it means to be a creative and empowered woman in the 21st century.

The painting retreat has sent me on a new amazing path! I was so profoundly transformed that I have decided to continue sacred painting as a spiritual practice. I bought paint, brushes, canvas and glitter. Today I manifested a space to create and further my transformation just above my rock shop. My muse is in constant communication with me and I can’t deny her. So blessed and grateful!! 

I feel so blessed and honored to have met Guru Kiren Khalsa. 


Grand Junction, Colorado

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